Build in Controlled Environments
Reduce risk, improve quality.

Off-Site Manufacturing - It's the best way forward.

Offsite manufacturing (OSM) and modular construction are methods of building where components are made remotely, then delivered and assembled on site. Components may include wall, roof or floor panels or even complete rooms.

It’s a method of increasing quality in our builds whilst sheltering from the harsh conditions weather can play on installation and storage of materials on site. When employed properly OSM can actually reduce your demand on building staff and reduce site time, allowing for vertical integration of your building systems, essentially allowing more activities to happen at once without tradesmen falling over each other.

At Property Independent we understand manufacturing and how it can be employed in the construction industry. Historically the two industries don’t really overlap so it’s essential companies looking to utilise OSM understand all aspects of design for manufacture, it’s strengths and weaknesses, and how employed properly can have outstanding results in the building industry going forward.

Moving the building process away from the physical site and into a controlled factory environment has multiple advantages:

1) Increased efficiency and predictability
2) Less building activities on site
3) Higher quality builds
4) Less labour
5) Less training
6) Less Trafic congestion and parking around site
7) Less Transport to Site
8) Less Site Storage of Materials
9) Less Delays Due To Weather
10) Reduced financial risk

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