Client Representation
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Lighten The Load

A lot of the time during property building projects it’s not easy to be available to answer all the questions in a timely manner. This leads to delays and costs that could be aoided.¬† It’s also often difficult to understand the tradespeoples questions and presented options or challenges their facing, and how those options affect your project outcome. Unless you’re a seasoned builder you’ll always fall short on certain aspects of the build and this is where we help by filling in the gaps, deciphering the lost in translation moments.

Having over 3 decades of building experience helps us see where something has gone amise, where corners are being cut and also when tradespeople are not quite active ethically or in the best interests of the client.

Our client representative experience is also invaluable helping the client make better decisions, for example, a small change in the clients eyes can lead to major changes, on site with associated cost  and delays, having the right advice helps make building more enjoyable and less stressful.

The Challenge

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