Property Search & Selection
No Strings Attached

Independent, personal and confidential. Our exclusive, property search and selection service finds and secures properties for private individuals, corporate clients and property investors.

We provide an independent property search and selection service that is not a member of or operates within New Zealand’s Real Estate Institute guidelines, nor are we Real Estate agents. There is no downside to this for our buyers because it gives our clients the benefit of:

1) We do not charge or profit from the sale or purchase of property, ensuring that we remain impartial and not motivated by high sales commissions – over 4% of the property’s purchase price in New Zealand in some cases.

2) We are allowed to offer independent advice on the condition of a property and its perceived value.

3) We can draw from over 35 years of property investment, design and development experience internationally, of which over 2 decades are spent in New Zealand.

4) We have access to virtually every property in New Zealand and are not constrained by our own real estate listings.

5) We act as a property consultancy and can help with all aspects of search, purchase, Immigration, design, build and property management.

6) We are not constrained by location nationally or internationally.

7) Our clients have full access to all the services operated by New Zealand Projects International, our owners.

To learn more about our Search and Selection service please contact us by phone on +64 9 212 8457, WhatsApp +64 21 311 074 or by email: studio [at] propertyindependent [dot] com.

Finding the right property takes time: our time, not yours.

Property Management
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