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Save whilst Increasing quality and style by shopping globally

It’s not the biggest secret in the design industry that buying your FF&E products from Europe is often cheaper than buying locally. The added benefit is your interior and lighting design projects will gain access to increased quality, the latest styles and more choice.  The reason for this is Europe has an unrivalled history of making furniture and fixtures that have been passed down from generation to generation, and competition amongst the artisans and manufacturers has kept their pricing more competitive. We love to support local artisans but when cost constrains our ability to really push the boundaries then we really have to shop farther afield. 

The reason that we all don’t shop globally for our project FF&E schedules is freight is expensive and quite troublesome with many freight companies just not providing a service level that is necessary for the transportation of luxury goods. 

In order to avoid a lot of the aforementioned pitfalls you need an experienced logistics partner who understands your products and the way they need to be handled. They also need to know who the better international agents and transport companies are. Essentially an experienced procurement team that has seen it and done it before, learnt the industry and understands the best way to get everything organised the right way.

Property Independent specialises in importing the best lighting and furniture products from Europe and has many manufacturing partners who allow us to buy direct avoiding the retailers and their inflated pricing.

We can also help with raw building materials like timber from Canada and building elements like glazing systems from Scandanavia and Europe. 

If you need expert procurement help give Property Independent a call. 

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