Design to build extraordinary outcomes
Reduce risk, improve efficiency, build quality and lifestyle.

Our over three decades working in property has taught us a thing or two....

I’m Ian, the owner of New Zealand Projects International, the company that owns a few cross-sector business entities that operate in the construction industry, including this one, Property Independent.

I formed Property Independent to support my clients with their property projects in New Zealand and abroad. I wanted to help them design and build better homes, in the right locations and with the right contractors and suppliers.

My colleagues and I have extensive experience operating in multiple countries working on our own projects and those of our clients. Our sectors that we have serviced are:

1. Marine
2. Residential Design and Build
3. Forestry
4. Hospitality
5. Hotels and Resorts
6. Retail
7. Vineyards and Wineries
8. Commercial
9. Hospitals
10. Bridges and Tunnels
11. Infrastructure

We have advised clients from all around the globe and today specialise in energy conscious design, passive design, off-site manufacturing, modular and panelised construction, lighting design, international procurement and logistics, and community to luxury residential dwellings design and construction.

Land in focus