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Design For Health, Flexibility & Performance
Shaping the building Industry one step at a time.

We design and build high-performing luxury residential homes that are strong, healthy and extremely versatile.

Very few luxury homes built today reach our level of quality, strength, innovation and low energy utilization.

And our growing use of off-site manufacturing is pushing standards even higher whilst reducing financial risk and reducing site time and resources.

 We are demanding more from our homes than ever before. We need to build houses that we can spend more time in working, entertaining and living in, and without compromise.

Conscientious clients are asking for healthier homes, questioning treatments in building materials and the hot topic of off-gassing. To be frank the majority of the building industry is using archaic building methods and building materials and products that are certainly questionable for our health.

Our approach focuses on sustainability, energy and building efficiency and occupant wellness. Our design and build homes now produce their own electricity that in turn is powering our cars and our ever-increasing electronic demands. Some of our customers are even relocating to premium private hideaways that do not have access to local utility services, so we are going off-grid, and not in a way that hampers the way we live, far from it, technology has marched on and only a few companies are embracing a better way to live , work and play.

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