Making A Difference

About Property Independent New Zealand

Property Independent is owned and operated by New Zealand Projects International, a group of business entities whose sole focus is to provide the highest quality services and products for the property industry, nationally and internationally, with the utmost integrity and care.

We have been designing, developing and advising our clients in the property industry for over three decades in Europe an Australasia.

We specialise in luxury residential, resort and hospitality projects. We design for building performance, health and energy efficiency. We have hands-on experience building our own property projects and apply our own learnings to make sure our clients are fully prepared for their creative journey ahead.

Through our own dedicated procurement and logistics service we source the highest quality building materials and building systems primarily form Europe and Scandanavia, saving money, providing more choice and increasing quality.

Our international clients

Our clients are always searching for something unique and special. They demand the highest quality products and services. They never cut corners and don't compromise on living and working in exceptional spaces.